The charm that surrounds the truffle

The charm that envelops the truffle is linked both to the culinary experience and to the ancestral pleasure of harvesting and waiting for it.
It is thanks to the fine sense of smell of the dog, every hunter trusted companion, that the truffles are harvested after being kept underground by mother nature.

Thanks to twenty years of experience in the field, Luca collaborates with a dense and trusted network of hunters who share with him a genuine love for nature and its fruits. Thus, every morning, on the tables of LR TARTUFI there are the best freshly harvested truffles, ready to be carefully handselected.

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After a sleepless night of exciting negotiations and hundreds of km, the collaborators of LR TARTUFI return to the company every morning with freshly harvested truffles of the best quality. It's time for selection: each truffle passes under the watchful eye and sense of smell of Luca and his team, to then be chosen based on weight, shape, scent and color. At this point all the truffles are patiently brushed by hand or gently washed with water depending on the customer's needs. This way, the LR TARTUFI company boasts an extremely accurate service, which has been satisfying all the chefs and catering professionals' needs for years.


After selection, the truffle is ready to be shipped or processed for the preparation of our products. Precisely starting from the extreme care in the selection of fresh truffles, the company's imperative is to offer artisanal products with truffles of the highest quality: each sauce, cream, seasoning is made only with the best raw materials, without the use of dyes or preservatives.
To ensure the customer an optimal gastronomic experience at any time of the year, LR TARTUFI offers frozen truffles, blast chilled in special cells that quickly reach very low temperatures, thus keeping the organoleptic properties of the truffle unaltered.


We have been shipping fresh truffles all over the world in 24/48 hours for more than 10 years, guaranteeing quality, freshness and safety, using the latest generation packaging and collaborating with the best express couriers. The logistical part of the shipments is up to the offices of LR TARTUFI. Here, every day, the best solutions are sought, in order to guarantee fast and safe, custom-tailored transport. The customer service will remain available well after the sale: it will, in fact, take care of following the shipments up to your table, and will be available just in case.